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Subject: Re: (Fwd) Input to next ebXML meeting


Immediately following the November ebXML meeting I attempted to distribute meeting minutes/output from the meeting to the listserv.  I received a rejection message from the listserv, and when I contacted Laura Walker.  The response I received the following:

So, I was actually mistaken when I said that we could use anything other than plain text.  In any effect, that policy has changed [which confirmed yesterday].  It appears that we can distribute any document or graphic files we need to, and we can also utilize PKZIP for compression.

It is my preference to not distribute documents over the listserv, and instead to utilize our "private web page", so that we have a running record of all documents available at a share location.  I hope that this will be available to us as a project team soon.


Having returned to my office this morning and having viewed my email
I notice that we can only officially submit input papers in .pdf
or.htm format. I am sure that I remember a general agreement before
the end of the San Jose meeting that Office 97 formats were also
acceptable? However, to aid dissemination please find attached my
contribution on behalf of the european EDIFACT transport group in
.pdf form.

Again I would be very grateful if you can arrange for this to be
shared with the othre members of the group as an input for next
week's meeting.

Thanks and see you soon


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