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Subject: Possible e-mail virus

I'm a newcomer to this list, having been on for about 2 weeks. I have a mail rule which automatically moves ebxml related mail to a special folder. This morning when I retrieved my mail using Outlook Express, I got notification of 4 new mailings, although I could only see 3, all of which were ebxml-related. I next tried opening my Excel program which appeared to hang without fully opening. I then re-booted my computer, and started my Netscape browser. My personal bookmark file, "bookmark.htm" had been deleted, and all of the e-mails in my ebxml folder were gone (about 25). Other than that all other e-mail folders appeared to be normal with no missing files. My Excel program opened normally. I scanned my hard drive with my Norton Anti-Virus program which I always have running in the background, and no viruses were detected.
I have an NT4 machine running in a unix network (unix mail server). I've used the same NT workstation for a year with no previous e-mail problem.
I use Netscape 4.7, and Outlook Express 5.0.
I don't know that the problem originated from a message sent via this group, but I wanted to share my experience in the event that someone else gets the same problem today.
Tom Linderoos

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