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Subject: Re: One definition of "syntax-neutral"

> (3) UML (as has been stated) is not a sufficient way of capturing our data
> models

Could someone elaborate on this?

> (5) We have agreed to use an object model to describe the interactions,
> relations, and extensibility of our core components

Do you know which "object model" will be used?

> Distinctions between "attributes" and "elements", etc., are not really
> meaningful. In order to guarantee that we can do 100% round-trip, we need
> simply agree on a set of name-value pairs that are related in such a way
> that the grouping ("business object") can be usefully subclassed. Such
> sub-classes will be described by the context in which they exist.
I guess you are implying class-based "object model". I would suggest that we
don't neglect the possibility of using XML in a prototype-based fashion.

Nikola Stojanovic
ebXML-Architecture member

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