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Subject: RE: Still Confused - Syntax Neutal Model/Process


I agree with you - dumping lots of processing info inside documents is not
the right way to go.

However, I think you have touched on *one* element of context that can - and
should - inform the processing of business documents. This is kind of what
we're getting at with contect definitions - if you can identify "business
logic", business sector, business process, etc., you can do much more
intelligent component reuse. If you make this "contextual" information
available at run-time (or even just design-time) you should be able to
identify correspondences between the use of common components in different
business documents. 

I think we need to think very practically about where the real value of such
a system lies, but I do see business logic living elsewhere than in the
business documents - at most, it would exist in a related "context
definition" document (who knows?)


Arofan Gregory

-----Original Message-----
From: Betty Harvey [mailto:ebxml@eccnet.eccnet.com]
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 6:44 PM
To: Bob Haugen
Cc: ebxml-core@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: Still Confused - Syntax Neutal Model/Process

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Bob Haugen wrote:

> Betty Harvey wrote:
> >Some of the messages I have read, I get the feeling that some in the
> >are thinking that the processing information will be embedded within the
> >XML.  After, seeing first-hand the complexity and even more important,
> >cost associated with of embedded processing within the data with IETM's I
> >would strongly suggest that we have processing external to the data.  I
> >would be very skeptical of embedding processes internal to the XML.
> Betty, is this yet another definition of process?  Do you mean
> the computer processing of messages?  (As contrasted with
> the business processes or the process of sending an order
> or any of the other meanings of process...)

To keep myself from getting more confused, I am going to call it
business logic.  Something has to happen to every piece of information
within a message, otherwise the information isn't useful.  This
logic can either be embedded within the XML or can be spawned
based on the intelligent mark-up.  

I really think the business logic (processes built around the XML data)
should be separated. I can possibly see a separate XML DTD/Schema that can
handle the business logic and be linked to the information via XLink.


> Thanks,
> Bob Haugen

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