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Subject: Re: Syntax Free Models - was: [Fwd: Oracle Input for Core ComponentsWG]


> To me, that gets back to "what do you mean by 'process'"?
> If you mean sending a document, then they are different.
> If you mean what one party does in the context of a two-party
> transaction, then they are different.
> But if you mean what is going on economically, then there
> is only one process which is an exchange, where two parties
> are involved, a buyer and a seller.
> Make sense?

Very much so. A message is always the interface between two processes, that
of the message creator and the message receiver. When I say
Order>>Response>>Despatch etc then the >> identifies the point at which a
message needs to be sent between two or more processes. I would argue
against trying to create models that try to indicate both sides, though this
is probably what is required to describe a "business process" such as "to
buy" or "to sell", which covers both of the processes that the message
interfaces with.


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