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Subject: ebXMLCC: deliverables

Greetings All!

I trust everyone had a safe return after our successful meeting two
weeks ago in Orlando.  For those who were there, I just want to say
again what a pleasure it was to be working with such a hard working
group... who didn't mind having some fun.  I am looking forward to
working with each and everyone of you, in completing our deliverables.

We made significant progress over the week, reaching a common
understanding of what products have to come out of core components.  We
have identified for ourselves 7 deliverables, and obtained volunteers to
work on each of the work items.  All in all, a great start!

Attached you will find two files, one a Word document listing/detailing
each deliverable, in the order they were listed during the meeting.  The
second file is an html file containing the matrix which shows who has
signed up for which work item.

(1)  I ask that everyone to review the matrix for accuracy.  Everyone
willing to contribute, make sure that they are signed up for work items
where they can make contributions.  Please email changes to the matrix
to me, so that I can update the matrix to reflect work groups.  We have
agreed to work on the interim deliverables via email and conference
calls.  Most of the work groups are relatively small, and it is
feasabile to conduct conference calls if geographic differences permit.
OASIS has offered to host such calls.

(2)  Everyone who needed to obtain management commitment, please let me
know if you are still awaiting such support from your organization.

(3)  We need to assign someone to lead each of the 7 work groups.  If
you are interested in playing such a role, please notify me this week.
We need to put in place a work plan for interim deliverables for 6 of
our seven deliverables, coming into the Brussels meeting.  Roughly, that
means 6-8 weeks.

(4)  I will get to James Whittle, the editor we are so fortunate to
have, meeting notes tomorrow.  He will post these on our Project Team
work in progress web page, which is not publicly advertised on the ebXML
web site.  This web page is for internal interim Project Team use, and
is not accessed through the ebXML web site.  Once the meeting notes are
posted, you will receive an email notifying you of availability and the

We have an aggressive schedule.  I look forward to working with


Lisa M. Shreve
Title: CoreComponentsVolunteerMatrix


>From February 2000 Meeting in Orlando, Florida
Name Company E-mail Deliverable Number(s) Able to Contribute Deliverable Number(s) Able to Review Specialist Area Connections with Committees/groups Brussels Yes/No?
Mary K. Blantz AIAG / LTV Steel Company mblantz@ltvsteel.com 1, 5 2, 9 EDI-X12 X12 ISO TC 154 AIAG AISI (steel industry) ?
Anthony J. Blazej Open Applications Group blazej@ibm.net          
Kim Byeng-hee Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce bhkim@kiec.or.kr doubtful 1, 5 EDIFACT EWG T1 ?
Kerstien Celis EAN International kerstien@ean.be 8   EDI in trade EEG 1, D2 yes
Marianne Cockle Association for Payment Clearing Services marianne.cockle@apacs.org.uk 7, 8, 9   Finance UK Finance Committees yes
Cory B Cosanave Data Access Technologies cory-c@dataaccess.com          
Alain Dechamps CEN ISSS alain.dechamps@cenorm.be 7 1, 5, 7 EDIFACT Entry Point EWG T1 CEN XML-EDI yes
Fritz Fahrenback IBM fritzf@us.ibm.com 5 5     doubtful
Niki Fourie Burns e-Commerce Solutions niki.fourie@burnsos.com          
Robert Glushko Commerce One glushko@commerceone.com   1, 5, 8 XML eCo Rossetta Net W3C xml.org / OASIS yes
Arofan Gregory Commerce One arofan.gregory@commerceone.com 1, 5, 8(?) 8, 2 XML e-commerce XML schemas BizTalk eCo C1 yes
Betty Harvey Electronic Commerce Connection Inc. harvey@eccnet.com 5, 8a 1, 5, 8 XML logistics & legislation CALS TCIF (past) RIF (past) ISO STEP (past) ?
Hartmut Hermes Siemens AG EL LP hartmut.hermes@mch11.siemens.de 7, 8 1, 7, 8 EDIFACT Trade EWG D1 chair ISO TC 154 DIN work group EDI/EDIFACT chair yes
Polly Jan VISA pjan@visa.com 1, 7,8 1, 7, 8 Payment Finance Global Procurement OASIS RosettaNet yes
Ravi Kacker Kraft Foods rkacker@kraft.com 1, 8 1, 8 Logistics Supply Chain Management Procurement OAG X12 / SITG OASIS UCC ?
Sharon M Kadlec Northwest Airlines sharon.kadlec@nwa.com   1, 2   ATA ?
Stig Korsgaard Finansradet stk@finansraadet.dk   1, 2, 7, 8 EDIFACT Finance Healthcare EWG D6 Finance CEN XML/EDI yes
Alan Kotok Data Interchange Standards Association akotok@disa.org 2 (scope) 5 (sample XML) X12 XML DISA XML/EDI Group ebXML marketing / communications hope so
Nancy Krieger COMIT Financial Systems AG nancy.krieger@comit.ch 7, 8 1, 5 EDIFACT XML Finance Payment   yes
Melanie Kudela Uniform Code Council Inc. mkudela@un-council.org 5, 7 1, 8 XML EDI groups through the UCC yes (EAN rep)
Leslie Lundquist CommerceNet leslie@commerce.net          
Bill Meadows Sun Microsystems bill.meadows@sun.com 5, 8a 2 EDIFACT X12   no (Bob MacIness will rep.)
Takayuki Nakao NTT America, Inc. t.nakao@ntta.com 1 1, 5, 8 XML   ?
Ernest Nishiseki Dun & Bradstreet nishisekie@dnb.com 5 1, 7 XML RosettaNet OASIS Reg Rep maybe
Olli-Pekka Pauna EDIMASTER OY olli-pekka.pauna@edimaster.fi 5, 7, 8 1, 5, 7, 8 EDI in transport, industry & trade XML EWG D4, T8 WET 166, IT 166 Finnish ebXML W6 yes (?)
Sue Probert Electronic Trade Services Ltd sue@ets-edi.co.uk 2, 7, 8, 9 1, 5 EDI INTL, Trade Scenario, UN/Layout Key ISO 11179 Codes UN/CEFACT [EWG (T8+D4), CDWG, BPAWG] SITPRO ElecTra ISO TC 154 ITIGG + MIST yes
Henrik Reiche Codan hre@codan.dk 7, 8a   EDIFACT EWG D9 EWG -EG7 yes
Samantha Rolefes Extricity Software srolefes@extricity.com          
Lisa M. Shreve SysCom Strategies LMS@wwnet.com 1,2,3,9 5,7   X12C/TG3, BizTalk  
Andreas Schultz GDV andreas.schultz@cityweb.de 7, 8a 2 EDIFACT EWG D9 EEG7, ESES DIN, GDV yes
Hisanao Sugamata Japan EC/CALS Organisation (JECALS) hsedi@ibm.net 7, 8a 1, 7 EDI (EDIFACT C11) XML/EDI Modeling EWG T1 TMWG TC154 SC32 / WG1, 2 yes
Mark Unitt BT UK Networks mark.unitt@bt.com 5, 7, 8     ?
James Whittle e centre uk james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk 5, 1 9, 7 Simpl-EDI Business Modelling DTI BPAWG yes
Nigel Wooden WISE nigel.wooden@polarisplus.co.uk 7, 8 1, 2, 3 EDIFACT Modeling EWG - D9 EWG - -EG7 Joint Venture for Reinsurance yes
Not at Orlando, but will participate in Core Components Group              
Mike Adock Association for Payment Clearing Services michael.adcock@apacs.org.uk 7, 8, 9   EDIFACT Finance BSI BRD/2/2, UN/CEFACT (TMWG, EWG D6, EWG T8), ECBS TC2, UK ref to ECBS TC6 WG1, ISO JTC1 SC17, UK ref to SWIFT Nxt Gen  

Last Updated on 2/20/00
By Lisa M. Shreve
Email: lms@wwnet.com


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