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Subject: ebXML Requirements Specification V 0.8 Released

In case you had not already seen this:

Version 0.8 of the ebXML Requirements Specification has been released
for the second comment period.   This is the second and final comment
period before submission to the plenary for final approval at the
Brussels meeting in May.  It may be retrieved from:


(MS-Word 97, zipped)

It will also be posted in the next few days on the public ebXML web site

in other formats.

Individual ebXML members are invited to send comments by Tuesday, April
25 to:

Mike Rawlins, team leader - rawlins@metronet.com
Mark Crawford, team editor - mcrawfor@mail.lmi.org

Please send comments in plain ASCII text either in the body of the mail
message or as an attachment.

Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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