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Subject: status of the ebXML mail lists


As most of you are aware, the various mailing lists hosted by OASIS,
including all of the ebXML lists, have been experiencing problems over the
past several weeks. The OASIS board has taken these problems very seriously,
and has taken steps to remedy the situation. The first of these steps was to
hire me, Karl Best, as Director of Technical Operations for OASIS, with the
responsibility to fix the problems. (You now have someone to complain to :-)

Sun Microsystems has graciously lent us the services of Norm Walsh, an XML
expert who also happens to have a lot of experience running mail lists, to
straighten out the problem. Norm spent several days working on our server
and has recently reported that the lists are up and running smoothly, and
that delivery problems should be solved.

On behalf of OASIS I would like to publicly thank Norm for his efforts in
getting the lists running again, and to Sun Microsystems, his employer, for
lending his time to us for the past several days.

We're not quite done yet, though. We still have plans to move our mail
server to a new hosting service in the near future, which should give us
better throughput and overall performance. I will announce future changes as
I can.

In the meantime, if you continue to experience problems, or have comments,
questions, suggestions, offers of help, etc. related to the mail lists that
OASIS provides to the ebXML effort, please don't hesitate to contact me at
the address and phone below in my signature. I will also be at the Brussels
meeting next week, so you can find me there.

Because of the mail list problems, quite a few people have asked to
unsubscribe from the lists, and a number of people have expressed their
frustration at not being unsubscribed immediately. I would like to forward
on some very useful hints posted to the ebXML-requirements list by Mike
Rawlins, owner of that list.


For those of you who want to be removed from the list, please do *not*
send a message out to the mailing list.  All 300+ folks subscribed will
receive it, and they probably don't care.   And please, don't send it out
more than once or respond to such messages.  This only wastes everyone elses

To unsubscribe from this list, send an e-mail message to:


  Subject:  (doesn't matter)

Within the body:

  unsubscribe ebXML-requirements (or whatever the name of the list is)

This will work if you send it from the address you submitted when you
subscribed to the list.  Most of you who have had problems removing
yourselves from the list seem to have multiple e-mail accounts, and this is
usually the source of the problem.  If you are e-mailing from a different
address, you must include the subscribed e-mail address, as:

  unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address

If you have multiple addresses and need to remove all of them, you can
do the following:

  unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address-1
  unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address-2

Subscribing yourself to the list came with certain responsibilities,
including unsubscribing yourself when you no longer wish to participate.


Most of the ebXML lists are closed; i.e. subscription and unsubscription
requests must be approved by the listowner. This means that you won't be
unsubscribed until the list owner has a chance to get to your request. If
after waiting a day or two (please be patient!) you are still receiving
messages from the list, forward the reply you got from the listserver to
owner-ebXML-requirements (substituting whatever the list name is, of course)
with a polite reminder to remove you from the list; your email will be
forwarded to the appropriate person. *Please* be considerate of the
listowner; this person is doing this job on a volunteer basis and probably
has a day job too.

Karl F. Best
Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206

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