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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Message text written by "Duane Nickull"
Although I am not an XMI expert,  the one persistant shortcoming that I
hearing with XMI is that it cannot provide a "consistent" way to
metadata.  Does anyone have an answer for this comment?

Duane Nickull

Add to this that XMI creates DTD's that look like they have been 
written by a machine.  I.e. no self-respecting human would want these
for a production environment.

Now this is a critism - based on the fact that humans write DTD's that
contain a whole level of intelligence and criteria that are NOT part of
a UML model today - such as Oracle SQL optimization criteria, just
as an example.

OK - this was my point earlier - as machine intelligence increases and
peoples understanding of what a good production quality DTD does
and does not contain, then you can get XMI to mimic this behavoiur.

We are not there yet!  Am I about to 'spray paint the car' so the robot 
can copy me 100 times faster right now?  I'm probably not ready to 
do that either! <g>.

This is why I see that XMI, UML and related tools will improve, but
not for another one year minimum, as we're all still learning.


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