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Subject: XMI and Structure and a book for Core Components

I have been using XMI, and I just came across a paper on a related subject.

I found the paper  "UML for Schema Mapping Specification", written by
authors from Rational and CommerceOne.   In this paper, found at


they explain how one can model in UML and have "order" that could be
applied to the Schema. They are using SOX in this example and
explain how this work can be applied to W3C Schema. This idea should be
looked at in Core Components when modeling to look how to create order
which can be
transferred to DTD's and Schema.

At the same time, I have been looking at sources of "names" for Core
Components, and I just got a new book "Dictionary of International Trade",
3rd Edition, by Edward G. Hinkelman.
It has concepts which are applicable to CC.

Sig Handelman

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