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Subject: Re: Comments on ebXML Core Components forms

A member of the CEN/ISSS DAMSAD project team suggests that Descriptions
ought to be able to have subcomponents of Notes and Examples, and that the
provision of Examples should be compulsory. In addition a Synonyms field
could be provided alongside the main Name field. What do people think about
these as possible extensions to the CoreComponents DTD and do you consider
they should form part of the data capture form or only be options in the
final database?

At a UK-DHG meeting yesterday it was decided that the User Community field
needs to be split into two to capture details of Industry Sector and
Business Process separately. We would like to adopt a coding scheme for
identifying these, but do not feel that ISIC is adequate, or than UNSPSC is
ready. Can anyone suggest a suitable classification scheme for identifying
relevant industries and processes?

Martin Bryan

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