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Subject: Re: Completed Core Component Forms (examples)


You may wish to check your associations  (that would be [My Computer | View
| Folder Options | File Types] not the folks you hang around with) to check
and see if IEXPLORE is still the program associated with XML files. I have
found when loading XML software, the developers like to take XML over - and
when XML is taken over, IE won't display XML files as a hierarchical tree
any more.

Eric E. Cohen, CPA
XBRL.org Working Group (Extensible Business Reporting Language)

----- Original Message -----
> For those of you who have watched "Saturday Night Live" over the
> years, as Emily Letilia would say 'Never Mind'.  I tried the
> forms on another computer and they work.  It seems that my IE 5.0
> on my desktop computer is corrupted and won't display XML files.
> I have been beta testing some XML software programs and it looks
> like one of those programs has messed with IE because
> Explorer's title bar says "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided
> by ?".
> I apologize for the confusion.

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