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Subject: Re: Methodology for describing Core Components(Rev.04)


I wrote
>In reviewing the latest draft of the Methodology document I get the 
>feeling that the meat of the material, which is really Section 3, is being 
>swamped by the justification material and examples that precede and follow 
>it. Would you object if I created a separate document that just tried to 
>explain the model and those things that are also covered in Section 3?

You responded
> -> I understand the section 3 has not enough specification for modeling the 
> business entity. It should be enhanced with expansion methodology aligning 
> the deliverables prepared by BP team. I think the users may confuse if you 
> provide another paper for defining the core components.

Does this mean that you want to write a more detailed Section 3? This would not cover my point, which was aboutl finding the model among all the explanatory material and examples. What I want to see is that a separate, easily referencable, document be made available that just describes the model and the relationships with the other models. I do not see a need to keep this with the existing material that is relating to why and how rather than the key issue, what.


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