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Subject: GUIDE schema approach for ebXML

Please see attached PDF.

I'm posting this now ahead of next weeks meetings.

I've felt for some time that ebXML needs a
robust schema approach that can synergize what
the proof-of-concept (POC) group will need over the 
next few months, and will act as a lynchpin and 
pivot point for the work of the Repository, Core, and
Business Process, and Tech Architecture groups so
I've put together the enclosed PDF as a start point.

I'm not sure where the best place for all this to 'live'
but my sense is that it fits somewhere between the 
Coord' team and the POC group and the Tech' Arch'

The aim I'd like to see is to ensure that GUIDE tech' 
spec's deliver the necessary XML syntax mechanisms
to implement a robust compliant ebXML system.

I look forward to discussing this all in more detail
with everyone next week, and of course anyone
who wants to be part of the GUIDE tech' team I'd
be happy to hear from you ahead of time so we
can do some planning before hand too.

GUIDE - Global Uniform Interoperable Data Exchange
which I'm hoping marketing like too as a good motif.

Thanks, DW.  301-482-2597.


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