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Subject: re: standard representation classes

Message text written by Dwight Arthur
In San Jose, under Sue Probert's leadership, we worked on a list of
representation classes, such as "identifier" "code" or "monetary amount"

In trying to work with this list, I find that the members do not fit well
with the "representation class" concept as defined in Martin's forms. It
seems as though many of the members fit better with "data format" - please


Dwight - hopefully the GUIDE classification layer provides the means to
harmonize here.

I'm working on adding extended syntax into the Classification layer to
explicitly support ebXML Core representations.  I've worked off Martins
model so far - there's probably more.  Once I have a strawman together
I'll circulate it for comment. 

BTW - FYI - we submitted GUIDE to the ebXML Executive as an open 
public source contribution for use wherever it may be decided it is useful.

The Executive will meet in three weks to discuss during their regular 
meeting schedule.

Martins too busy getting tickets for the Cricket finals where his team
Gloucestershire are going to get soundly whipped - so when he's
done there I'm sure he'll give me good critical input - if not before!
Oopps - I just remembered he responds badly to goading - I'd better
delete this sentence...

Thanks, DW.

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