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Subject: "CODE" representation class

In San Jose, we discussed a set of standard representation classes for core
components. One of them was, "Code" where (if I understood correctly)
concepts like "Country Code" or "currency Code" would make use of this
representation class.

Trying to use Martin's forms to record this, we find that I cannot create an
entity "currency code" with representation class "code" where the entity
defined "ISO standard xxxx" as the definitive enumeration of acceptable

Rather, we find a need to define "currency code" as a representation class
invoking the ISO standard, and then define some other entity (e.g. monetary
amount) as represented by the currency code representation.


- our list of representation classes was wrong, and should include things
like "currency code" and "country code" rather than "code"

or else

- the forms are wrong, and should allow codeset to be specified within the
entity definition rather than the representation class

or else

- I am confused again, please straighten me out?

Thank you


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