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Subject: ebXML Core Components Update

Hi All,

The timing for the ebXML website and listserv problems has occurred at an unfortunate time, but most of the issues appear to have been resolved.  I'm pleased to report that everything is up an running again, and over the next week our website will be updated.  In the meantime, you can view interim results at the following URL.  This site was established by our editor, James Whittle, who you should feel free to direct any comments to.

First, we had a very interesting meeting, with excellent attendance.  Our alignment efforts with BP were accelerated, more joint work tracks established.  These deliverables focused work tracks include:  A) Context/MetaModel lead by Karsten Reimer and Arofan Gregory, B) Methodology/Anaylsis Lead Sue Probert, and C) Domain teams acting leads Mary Kay Blantz and Lisa Seaburg.

This aggressive alignment of work efforts between CC and BP, resulted in the decision to form deliverables focused listserv's, for use within the joint work groups.  These new listserv's are:

Context/Meta Model Track

This work focuses on refinement of the Meta Model, quantification of context, and alignment of context with the meta model.

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-context

Methodology, Patterns and Analysis Track

This track focuses on a broad range of support and analysis activities, including:  establishment of Core Components and Core Business Processes, definitions, and work methodologies.

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-analysis

This work track involves the collection of industry details, including process models and information content.  It is suggested that EVERYONE suscribe to the shared ebXML-ccbp-domain list, and in addition, subscribe to the domain specific list of interest.

Listserv:  ebXML-ccbp-domain
convener:  Lisa Seaburg  Lisa.Seaburg@commerceOne.com
description:  Shared list for all domain groups, for shared conversations of interest to all domain groups

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-materials
convener:  Melanie McCarthy, melanie.mccarthy@gm.com
description: Domain Group for Materials Management/Manufacturing

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-finance
convener:  Stig Korsgard, stk@finansraadet.dk
description: Domain Group for Finance

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-retail
convener:  Ravi Kacker, rkacker@kraft.com
description:  retail domain group

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-customs
convener:  Olli Pekka Pauna olli-pekka.pauna@edimaster.fi
description: international transport and customs

Listserv:  ebxml-ccbp-insurance
convener:  Andreas Schultz   schultz.DKV@t-online.de
description:  Domain Insurance Group

To subscribe to these listserv's, please refer to the ebXML.org home page http://www.ebxml.org/

You will find, under the section join us, a link which allows you to subscribe to all of these new lists.

Also, please find attached our schedule of deliverables.  Next week, I will initiate a discussion as to how we will work to produce our deliverables in time for the Tokyo meeting.


Lisa M. Shreve

Plan v3 0800.xls

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