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Subject: Re: FW: International Trade

Hi Sharma

I have been very interested to read the emails on this subject which 
is very close to my heart and which has been so for many years.

Unfortunately I have been on holiday recently and have missed the 
chance to input into these meetings. I would very much welcome the 
chance to join in with this activity in the future.

At the first ebXML meeting in San Jose in Nov 1999 I gave a 
presentation on behalf of UN/CEFACT which raised exactly the same 
cross-border trading issues/challenges as are covered in your 
minutes. There is a huge body of work done already in this area by a 
number of organisations including UN/CEFACT working groups e.g. 
Edifact Working group (EWG), Codes Working Group (CDWG), 
International Trade Procedures working group (ITPWG) and Business 
Process Analysis working Group (BPAWG), ISO TCs e.g TC 154 and TC 68 
etc., international sectoral groups e.g. WCO (customs), ICS 
(International Chamber of Shipping), FIATA (freight forwarders), 
IATA (air), UIC (rail), MIST (trade/transport interaction) etc. etc. 
- not to mention national initiative such as the UK SITPRO Electra 
project, Australia's TRADEGATE projects and many, many more.

What is particularly important is that over the past seven years huge 
strides have been made to bring the work of these organisations 
together and to harmonise their work relating particularly to 
electronic business exchanges, the simplification of procedures and 
the removal of unnecessary trade barriers. Another hugely 
important factor is that amongst the CC/BP membership there are 
many highly experienced representatives of many of the above 
activities. I believe that it is very important to draw on existing 
experience work asap in order to speed and ensure our chances of 
reaching best results.

These issues are also being tackled by the 'discovery' core 
components teams which are busy right  now identifying common core 
components used across their business areas. In particular these are 
materials management, cargo insurance and the transportation/customs 
'discovery' teams. There was a meeting of the material maangement 
team last week at the X12 meeting and the other groups have been 
holding similar work meetings and a combined 'discovery' work 
meeting is being held in London next week. These meetings are all 
working to prepare for the next ebXML meeting in Tokyo.

I have been wondering if the Dave Welsh that is mentioned in your 
minutes is indeed my colleague from some of this earlier work who 
used to work for Sealand? If so then I am very pleased to make 
contact with him again and if not then I apologise for 

I would be very pleased to input any information related to the 
above activities which might prove useful to our group's work.

best regards

Sue Probert
Director, Document Engineering
Commerce One

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