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Subject: Re: XBRL object orientedness. multiple rollups.


This is terrific.  This strongly synergizes with the GUIDE work that
I have been doing, and also ultimately I believe the vision for
Registry/Repository within ebXML.  A GUIDE V2.0 is in the works,
but the current thinking is available from http://www.xmlguide.org

As with anything new - the current ebXML Tech Arch' doc steers 
on the shallower, less steep path.

However, at the same time the TA doc and the ebXML metamodel
provides the hooks to enable your model too.  

The question is - what does V1.0 of ebXML look like when it ships
in Vienna, and how soon after that is V1.5 available?

Look forward to discussing more on this in Tokyo.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Chris Nelson
1) Each multi-dimensional structure is described in terms of components or
"reporting concepts" (in a tabular form this might be represented as a
column heading).
2) Each concept of a structure can be linked to a code list or
classification - the real concepts.
3) Reporting comprises just the multi-dimensional key and the numbers.  The
key comprises a ordered sequence of code values, one for each of the
components of the structure.
4) Additional attributes can be applied to any key - these attributes can
applied to a rollup of the multi-dimensional structure.

The metadata only needs to exchanged when it changes: the data references
the metadata structure it uses.

This model will be input to the ebXML process very soon. I will be at the
Japan meeting and am willing to show the model to anyone who is interested.
Chris Nelson<

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