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Subject: CCAnalysis document

One of the documents that has been posted on the Core Components website is
an excel document entitled CCAnalysis.xls.  Since I was responsible for
putting this document together, I wanted to provide some explanation to go
along with the document.

The intent was take the work that was done by the various domain groups in
defining their data for the core components and compile it into one
spreadsheet in order to help determine what pieces of data are commonly
used in the core components.  I originally planned to do this for the list
of core components that had previously been decided on at the Orlando ebXML
meeting.  However, as I went through the domain work there were many more
components defined and I decided it would be easier just to include most of
those.  I realize that just because they are listed here does not mean that
they should definitely be a core component.  That is to be determined.

In listing the data in each of the core components, I tried to use the data
representations in the ebxmlNamingConventionsDraft.doc.  An 'x' in the
domain column is an indication that the domain has found that in at least
one business process the data is used.  Hopefully, this document will be a
starting point for additional work in Tokyo.

If anyone has any questions concerning this document at this time, please
let me know.  Otherwise, we can review, discuss, complete and refine it in

paula heilig

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