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Subject: Re: core components analysis

> Concerning whether the Salish, Mi'kmaq, Innuit and Haida languages are
> included in ISO 639-2, you could look it up yourself at
> http://lcweb.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/englangn.html.  Indeed, Salishan
> is ISO 639-2/T code sal, and Haida is hai.  The Mi'kmaq speak Micmac
> (ISO 639-2/T mic). But the Innuit speak either Aleut (ISO 639-2/T ale)
> or Inuktitut (ISO 639-2/T iku).  I think ISO 639-2 can probably handle
> anything that you can throw at it, Duane!
> William J. Kammerer"

I am impressed.  Even though I would never envision someone using an
obscure dialect like Mi'kmaq to conduct electronic business in the 21st
century, it is comforting to know someone could.  

Now we just have to deal with Quebecois francais ;-)


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