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Subject: notes from metamodel meeting today

There was concensus today that with a few edits, the specification schema
document (UML flavor)is ready to go to QR. However, there was a lot of
discussion about the XML flavor, and the need for additional documentation
around it. We are trying to address all of this by tomorrow, and will take
another status in a conference call noon EST,  dial 888-699-0348 domestically
and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with a PIN of 3042#.  

Here is a list of items that should be included. Please add to this if I left
something out:

1.  Need list of primitive types. Betty to supply list of W3C recommended

2.  Need statement that we submit DTD now, but intend to switch to schema as
soon as it becomes a standard.

3.  Need to include packaging model

4.  Need to include name scope attribute

5.  Need to include version attribute

6.  Need to document production rules. There are two DTD's one that expresses
the specification XML vocabulary, and one that expresses the actual process
and document model. For the production rules for the latter, we propose XMI,
well aware that there may be some adverse reaction. The ebXML specification
schema is a MOF model, and therefore we believe that the XMI produced will be
pretty straight forward. There was some issue about whether we can provide
constraints that tighten up its 'looseness'.

7.  Need to include an example.

8.  Need to (eventually) document every XML element.

9.  Betty promised to send out a template for documenting DTDs.

10. We need to make the model into a MOF model. Cory felt this was a small
task. We decided that if we cannot do this by the submission date, it is not a
required part of the submission.

We decided to review tomorrow at noon and then decide whether to submit
Wednesday or Thursday.

I am working on the edits to the document and will send a version 0.85


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