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Subject: Re: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

Message text written by Martin Bryan
>If people are to be able to distinguish the contexts and times for which
are relevant the ID should include information relating to date and
They must also be able to find all IDs that are associated with a
model/datatype. This can be done if you have names such as
TaxableAmout-US-20000101 and TaxableAmount-EU-20020202, but not if you have
randomly generated numeric identifiers.

Martin Bryan


Martin - great point.

Versioning is for me a related but separate need.

Two paths beckon.  

Either a) build the versioning into the UID access method,

b) make the version a separate attribute and allow querying thus.
     (ISO11179 is reference example here).

I like a) best - since it is a clear model.

so :            getCCdetail( UID )  always returns latest version.
                   getCCdetail( UID:03 ) returns version 03 of the item.

and so on.  This also lends it self to XPath style accessing where
the path contains the version as the suffix.

The alternative b)  is    getCCdetail( UID, VersionID)

Either of course will work - and once we get closer to
actually storing real data into a registry then we'll see
which is best.

Human readability also strenghens a) as opposed to b).

Thanks, DW.

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