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Subject: version 0.90 of spec schema

attached is version 0.90 of the specification schema.
We have addressed all issues raised by QR.
The issues list is also attached.
Unless I hear any additional issues raised by Friday 5 pm EST, 
I will send this document to Paul for re-submission to QR.
(I understand Paul is traveling, so I may have to send directly to QR)

Jim Clark and I collaborated on the edits. We kept edits to a minimum and 
addressed only the QR issues. Please participate in the public review process
after QR hopefully approves at end of next week.

The doc is line numbered if you print it.
One of the diagrams is color coded, so you may want to review that one online.

The doc has a change tracking, but you need to turn it on in Word to see 
the changes from 0.87.



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