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Subject: RE: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

Another true story:

A roadside marketplace in China.  The prospective customer stops to look over the vendors's wares.  The vendor smiles, nods, and speaks.

Vendor: "I speak Cantonese, some Hoklo, and a little Fukienese."

Prospective Customer: "I speak Shanghainese, Chiuchow, some Fukienese and a little Northern, but no Cantonese."

<They proceed to do business in Fukienese.>

That is how it is done.


I know the goal is that anyone can start a business transaction with anyone else.  And it may be too late to add what OSI would call a (Re)Presentation layer protocol to ebXML.  But if we did, it might (apparently, from the messages on this list) go something like this: 

Prospective Customer: "I can read tags in Hindi, Urdu, and some in English."

Vendor: "I can read tags in English, but not in Foreign."

<They proceed to do business in English.>



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