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Subject: Re: [Fwd: ebXML TA spec v1.0 - LAST CALL for public comments]

I note that in 9.2.3 the TA spec states:

"A Business Process instance MAY specify the constraints for exchanging
business data with other Trading Partners. "

while in 9.2.2 the plural "constraints" is made singular in:

"A Business Process SHALL be comprised of an information model or XML-based
representation of that model, that is capable of expressing the following
types of information:
· Provide a context constraint that affects Core Components"

Note also that 9.2.2 implies that one constraint can affect multiple core
components. This is the first time I have seen this suggested.

I also note that 9.2.3 states:
"Accordingly, a Business Process document SHALL reference the Core
Components directly or indirectly using a XML document with metadata
(possibly DTD’s or Schemas) that can be uniquely referenced."

What does "indirectly using a XML document with metadata" mean?

Martin Bryan

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