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Subject: RE: English Language Tags

Hello David.
Like Sandy, this is my last word on this, promise! You seem to suggest that
creating UIDs are out-of-scope for the W3C, and that is why they haven't
done it. I am suggesting to the contrary that they already created a set of
mechanisms to achieve what you want -- XML Namespaces and XML Schemas. I
can easily decorate an <xsd:element> with my own meta-data about the
element-type and, as I noted for the Data Consortium Namespace, that
information can be reflected on the individual instances of the
element-type -- the DCN does it with the 'label' attribute on what are
called "attribute-elements", and relies on an RDFS dictionary to provide
the meta-definition of what are called "resource-elements." Anyway, since I
am interested in a high level of conformance between the DCN and ebXML, I
wish to understand as best I can why UIDs and GUIDs -- a technique I've not
seen embraced by the W3C -- is a solution to a problem that the W3C, I
thought, adequately addressed with XML Namespaces.

|-----Original Message-----
|From: David RR Webber [mailto:Gnosis_@compuserve.com]
|Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 12:17 PM
|To: John McClure
|Cc: Ebxml-Core@Lists. Ebxml. Org; Sandy Klausner
|Subject: RE: English Language Tags
|Message text written by John McClure
|    JM2: Well, if it's not there, then create it! It's not that hard you
|know! The point is to stay on the same field as the rest of the world -- I
|don't see a huge effort in the W3C to create a registry of data element
|for their OWN elements because XML Namespaces and XML Schemas are
|Hell will freeze over first - this is out-of-scope for the W3C
|schema work
|and the W3C.
|That's the whole rational for ebXML - to show how fielded XML works
|for business transactions...

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