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Subject: Re: Party XML Schema Defintions


Some good progress here.  One thing that might also be nice to see is a
reference to the Party's CPP.  It appears that the <reference> element
is to be used for these types of references (eg. CPP, UDDI reference,
eCo.xml?), however, seeing as a CPP is very central to ebXML
functionality, it is probably good to explicitly call it out.

This would also depracate the need for the <communicationPoint>
element.  The CPP would be grabbed from a Registry using the default
static Registry CPA (RIM??).  


Duane Nickull

Martin Bryan wrote:
> I have taken the latest published version of the Core Component spreadsheet
> and used those components marked as core to formally define a Party in an
> XML Schema. In doing so I have deliberately used attributes to record the
> role/type/purpose of an element as these properties can be replaced in
> message specific names (e.g Buyer and Seller in place of Party and
> HomeTelNumber, BusinessFaxNumber in place of CommunicationPoint). I have
> also defined abstract elements for all elements that are, in my opinion,
> likely to be used independently of Party details. I have also chosen to
> change some element names for the sake of consistency between element (to
> reduce the total number of elements that need to be defined in a schema) and
> have also used alternative names for some which I just plain disagree with
> the analysis group on. (I remain a bloody-minded programmer!)
> The attached PNG file provides an illustrated tree for the model that can be
> viewed on a web browser(as long as its not too out of date!) while the XML
> schema is in the file with the xsd extension. Please note that the
> illustration does not show the attributes assigned to each element: you will
> need to consult the schema for details of what these are intended to do.
> Martin Bryan
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Name: party.png
>    party.png    Type: PNG Image (image/png)
>             Encoding: BASE64
>                 Name: Party.xsd
>    Party.xsd    Type: XML Document (text/xml)
>             Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE

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