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Subject: Re: English Language Tags

> The UID provides a minimal reference within an XML Schema to the semantic
> definitions required to provide understanding of information. So John
> McClure's approach provides, in my opinion, the 'normal way' to define a
> schema.  Perhaps Martin uses 'normal' in the sense of 'prevalent' as
> to the sense of 'standard'.

Nobody is arguing that GUIDs are the minimal form of reference, and that
they should be used. What I pointed out was that if you wanted to add RDF
pointers you could also do it within the schema. There are advantages in
doing this for the core components as they only need to be done once, and it
would stop people reinventing the wheel. I would, personally, do RDF
statements for each element as the component parts of the schema are likely
to be used independently, even if imported from a common source.


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