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Subject: next metamodel meeting

The next metamodel/context group conference call  is scheduled to take
place on 27 Feb. at 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. US EST.  To access the call,
dial 888-699-0348 domestically and  +1 732-336-6000 internationally, with
a PIN of 3042#.


1. Review issues list for SpecSchema v0.90 and suggested resolutions.

There are some significant issues to decide on, so be sure to dial in:
Document model (include, exclude, or reference CC model).
REA (strings, agreements, or agreements&events)
Multi-Party choreography (none, partial, full)
Signals (drop or keep Acceptance)
Patterns (normative, or appendix, full set or reduced)
Mappings to TP (role, message, manifest, service/action)

2. Time table for editing prior to second review cycle, and
division of labor for same.

Current version of issues list is attached, courtesy of Neal Smith.
Also attached is an in-depth list of editing suggestions from Brian Hayes,
received after expiration of public review. We anticipate that we can react
to most of Brian's comments as part of the general editing.

"see" you at the meeting,




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