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Subject: re: Hacking with ISO BSR

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
Will somebody tell this guy, Uche Ogbuji, that hardly anyone seems to be
interested in the ISO BSR? Does that include ebXML?  See "Thinking XML
#1 -XML meets semantics: The reality," (February 2001), at

Who's paying him?

William J. Kammerer


I can certainly see where the EDI igML work is more applicable than the
BSR schema presented as part of the GILS work that is referenced
at the link above - unless you want to have a very stiff and
non-Denglish set of German words for things - and likewise the French,
no Franglee visible there.

Anyway - this work appears to be several thousand leagues short of
where the current ebXML Core work is right now.  I'm sure there is more
useful mining of BSR that could be done to populate an ebXML Core
library - but this clearly exposes the short comings in BSR and need
for caution when talking about wholesale use of BSR.

Just my 2 Naira's worth.

On a parallel topic, fostering uncontrolled international trade is not
always a good thing, eh?!?!



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