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Subject: RE: <none>

[ Note: I refer to the terms intrinsic and extrinsic in this message. I am
using an earlier message I sent to the participants in the ebXML analysis
conference call. I have included the relevant bits below ]

This is interesting. Karsten has introduced the term Business Partner Role
into this presentation; a term that I had not seen before (perhaps I'm
assuming incrrectly that it is an official term??).

The way he uses Business Partner Role (in terms of the value he assigned it
in the example) is what I assumed "partner type" refered to in the Worksheet
Model. This is what I was viewing as part of the EXTRINSIC context of a
transaction/activity (and collaboration)... in this case, because it's
industry specific. 

To the concept of Authorization Role; he assigns the values of Vendor and
Seller in the example. This is (by my venacular) a clear example of the
INTRINSIC context of a transaction/activity (and collaboration?). I would
actually suggest that this is more an example of a Business Role (see my
earlier not on introducing business role into the worksheet model).

In my view of the world (and obviously this is just my opinion), the
Authorization Role is a much lower level of detail and speaks more to the
role of a person within a company rather than the role a particular trading
partner is playing at that point in time (which, IMO, is what the Business
Role indicates).

I will flesh this out in more detail in a note I send out later today but my
bigest fear is that these concepts are being quite muddied because of the
ambiguities (or perhaps, I should should say, my percieved lack of
definition) in the meta-semantics of the meta-model.

Earlier note:
> The following is a suggestion I made for how to introduce the notion
> of context in the Common BP Catalog:
> 	Context: 
> 		The Core Components Group is defined a context 
> 		classification scheme (insert citation here). 
> 		Contexts relate to Business Processes in two manners:
> 		Intrinsicly - A business process defines a context the 
> 		transactions take place within (e.g. one of the 
> 		Porter categories)
> 		Extrinsicly - When a business process is instantiated 
> 		for a particular implementation, additional context 
> 		is specified
> In an implementation of a business process, the combination of the
> instrinsicly and extrinsicly defined contexts are used by the (???some
> ebXML service???) to pull together the appropriate core components to
> construct the actual documents that are exchanged in that
> instantiation of the business process.

-----Original Message-----
From: Karsten Riemer - Sun IR Development
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 9:34 AM
To: ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org; ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: <none>

For today's discussion:

A powerpoint for discussion of role vs. activity

A word doc with 0.90, and two variants of 0.95 for comparison

A word doc with discussion of patterns.

Call-in  888-699-0348 3042#.  


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