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Subject: RE: specification schema meeting minutes.

<Bob Haugen>
My point was rather the opposite:  the negotiation pattern keeps the same
two roles (for example buyer and seller) but flip-flops the requesting and
responding activities between the two roles in successive transactions,
first the buyer performing the requesting activity in an "Offer"
transaction, then the seller performing the requesting activity in a
"Counteroffer" transaction.
</Bob Haugen>

<Nikola Stojanovic>
I hope it would also be possible that "CounterOffer" can come from the same
role that has sent "Offer" "referencedByCounterOffer".
</Nikola Stojanovic>

Sure.  My point was not to explain fully how to implement a negotiation pattern, 
but only to give an example where roles and activities were not one and the same,
to counter an assertion that they were.  (To be fair, I'm not completely sure 
I understood the assertion I was countering, but that is getting pretty far afield 
from this conversation...)

Bob Haugen

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