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Subject: UUID Semantic Equivalence Mapping

At the Vancouver meeting it was agreed that a method for mapping the
elements of one DTD or schema to another should be specified. It was agreed
that this would be done using the UUIDs assigned by the registry. This part
of the CC spec would allow automated agents to programmatically create
equivalence maps between differing schemas. This VERY important aspect of
eCommerce has to be addressed and soon if we are to make the May deadline. 

Without this last piece of the puzzle, automated agents will have no way of
determining the semantic equivalence from one schema to the next. For
example, we talked about the language issue as some length. One company my
use Thai another may use Spanish for the same schema. If they both point to
a French equivalent, then an agent could make the data translation between
the two of them. This, combined with a nesting function (getHierarchy),
which gives the elements nesting place in the document, can go a ways
towards determining semantic meaning. 

What is the status of this?

Cheers, John Petit 
Manager, KPMG 
Office: 970 728 9468 
Mobile: 312 961 8956 
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