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Subject: for discussion in today' metamodel mtg.

Attached is a basis for the three discussions we are going to have in the
metamodel meeting today as a final review of specSchema functionality for

1. Agree on cardinality for responding document transfer. Compare to Jim's
proposal for collapsing document envelope and object flow for UMM. 2.
Depending on 1. above settle on a name DocumentEnvelope or DocumentTransfer or
???? 3. Final review of activity vs. Role
   3.a. Ensuring we don't have name clash with UMM
   3.b. Why role and activity are (or are not) the same thing
   3.c. Settle on a name
   3.d. Review an alternative that would avoid discussions on 3.a. 3.b. 3.c.

Call in info:
1 pm EST
888-699-0348 3042#.  


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