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Subject: Re: The role of context in the re-usability of Core Components andBusiness Processes - OR Say What???

> 1.I wonder if there is not a case for having a 'Total' view of say
address -
> including anything that is needed in virtually any context UK,US, Outer
> Mongolia etc. and having a mechanism for a View of the 'Total' which
> switches off what is not needed ?

This is what the Remove option in the Context Rules is designed to do.

> 2.You might like to consider the consequences for interoperability if  one
> allows one business entity to decide in isolatino what he/she needs - are
> not reinventing the 'Tower of Babel' ?

Yes, but that is a consequence of the CPA/TPA approach. Hopefully, people
being rather lazy by nature, there will be a tendency for users to take an
existing "solution" rather than create their own, but the ebXML model seems
to do little to encourage this.

The CEN/ISSS project group on Defining and Managing Semantics and Datatypes,
at their meeting on Tuesday, expressed strong concerns in this area, and
expressed a wish that precanned sets of business processes be made easily
available to SMEs as part of off-the-shelf office suites.


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