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Subject: RE: The role of context in the re-usability of Core Components an dBusiness Processes - OR Say What???

Dear Robert Miller:

I must disagree. The use of "a UML Model" is not the issue here - we have
modelled something in XML, perhaps, as being more useful to the anticipated
application, but the point is not the modelling methodology (or, more
correctly, technique, as that is what UML is!) but a modelled representation
of what meta-data needs to be collected. We have, at several points,
provided UML models, including going over the BP-CC Meta-model in detail
with Karsten and his group. 

The publication of rules to associate semantics and context-specific
requirements is very much a necessary activity, since without a real
definition of how the metadata can be applied to inform the use of a "core"
component, we do not have a sufficiently clear view of what makes a
component "core".

I would suggest that you look at the relevant parts of the overall
meta-model, where you will find that there is a strong correlation with what
is presented here regarding context. Comments regarding that alignment are
definitely welcome, but I believe some very capable modellers from within
the CC group worked with Karsten's team to make sure this alignment existed.



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From: Miller, Robert (GXS) [mailto:Robert.Miller@gxs.ge.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 11:38 AM
To: Gregory, Arofan; Miller, Robert (GXS); Martin Bryan; William J.
Kammerer; ebXML Core
Subject: RE: The role of context in the re-usability of Core Components
an d Business Processes - OR Say What???


As I said, I support the capture of context-specific information. 

The document upon which this thread is based is:

"ebXML specification for the application of XML based assembly and context

Maybe some among us read that as:

"ebXML specification for the application of 'XML based assembly' and
'context rules'"

It appears that others among us read that as: 

"ebXML specification for the application of XML based 'assembly and context

Whatever, this document goes beyond just capturing context specific
information. It does indeed provide 'assembly and context rules'.
The CC spreadsheet conveys certain associations among the entities that
comprise a core component.  The 'rules' document provides another
representation for expressing these relationships.  Neither of these
documents is founded upon a UML model.  Once proper foundations are laid for
the representation of the semantics of the entities used to convey business
data, and for the construction of business documents from this information,
there may be value in addressing XML based assembly.  Until then, I find
this document unsuitable for publication.

I do not dispute that the document exposes some of the information
requirements of an XML based assembly system.  It simply puts the cart
before the horse, the design before the analysis.


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