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Subject: Re: More on throwing some context on them codes....

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, William J. Kammerer wrote:

> There are many other Party Roles which have broad applicability and
> apply in most contexts (the "default" or "horizontal" context?),  like
> Seller, Buyer, Carrier, and so on.  It would be easier to "see" these
> once the industry specific roles (or codes) were ferreted out.  For
> example, in addition to the codes which clearly belong to the "Highway
> Safety" context, there are ones which are unambiguously related to
> Energy Deregulation, Health Care, Secondary Education, and Election and
> Campaign Finance Reform.   As the list of definitively assigned codes
> grows, the remaining codes are perhaps our core horizontal vocabulary
> that Todd seeks.

You might want to submit the resulting dictionary to BSR
(http://www.ubsr.org), so that other e-commerce initiatives can benefit
from it...

Andrzej Bialecki

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