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Subject: Re: Formal Submission to the Quality Review Team

I am back in my home office, with a decent connection.
I attach the updated issues list. Paul sent you a preliminary one that he had
access to. This attached one is the one you should refer to in your review of
Specification Schema v0.99


>The QR team acknowledge receipt of this specification.
>Based on our current schedule, we shall attempt to respond to this
>specification together with the BP reference documents, by Wednesday 28th
>"Paul R. Levine" wrote:
>> __________________
>> The Context/Metamodel Group of the CC/BP Joint Delivery Team hereby
>> officially submits to the QRT a zip
>> file containing:
>> 1) ebXML Business Process Specification Schema Version 0.99
>> 2) Disposition log from public review cycle 1 of Specification Schema
>> Version 0.90 (to be updated for Version 0.99)
>> Best regards,
>> Paul Levine
>> BP PT Co-lead
>> (See attached file: SpecificationSchemaV0.99.zip)
>>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>                                    Name: SpecificationSchemaV0.99.zip
>>    SpecificationSchemaV0.99.zip    Type: Download File (application/zip)
>>                                Encoding: base64
>tim mcgrath
>TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
>phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


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