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Subject: RE: Comments on ebXML Methodology: Core Components Discovery andAnalysis

Hi William,

The problem with 'functional set' is that it was used in two 
different contexts.  We had to choose another term.  Most business
folks I talked with understood a 'logical family'.  I would 
certainly agree with calling a message a 'business message', but that
is very different from a logical family.  It takes two or more
logical families to make a business message.

As for DUNS being a Basic Core Component, I agree that it is.  I
probably should not have put the label 'Aggregate Core Components',
but rather 'Aggregate Core Component' on Address.  I could have put
a box named Identification, and then put the Basic CCs ID Qualifier and
DUNS under that.  Just tried to keep it as simple and clear as 

Thanks for the compliment on section 8.1.   Wish I were the one who
wrote it!

If you want your comments to actually be processed, you need to 
submit them using the proper form.


-----Original Message-----
From: William J. Kammerer [mailto:wkammerer@foresightcorp.com]
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 9:51 AM
To: James Whittle
Cc: ebXML Core
Subject: Comments on ebXML Methodology: Core Components Discovery and

Comments on ebXML Methodology: Core Components Discovery and Analysis
(March 23, 2001) Version 1.02:

Line 210 now shows the new name for what appears to be a business
message: "Logical Family."  It was once a Functional Set.   In order to
not confuse people, might I suggest simply calling a business message a
"Business Message"?

Line 217 shows "ID (DUNS)" to be an Aggregate Core Component.  If
anything, a business identifier such as a DUNS is unambiguously a Basic
Core Component.  Same thing on line 247.

Line 293: Section 8.1 (Ground Rules for Constructing & Validating Core
Components) is clearly the best written part of the document and reeks
of readability and common sense.  What's that doing in there? Besides,
it sounds more like a critique of the current Initial Core Components
Catalogue Ver1.02 (Appendix A) - which completely contradicts section

William J. Kammerer
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Dublin, OH USA 43017-3305
+1 614 791-1600

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