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Subject: RE: Jon Bosak's suggestion that xCBL be adopted as the ebXMLBusinessDocument framework

Personally, I would be thrilled if UN/CEFACT adopted xCBL as
the beginning of a new vocabulary.
***Todd, could you convince me why a new VOCABULARY is necessary.  EDIFACT+
has this.  XML only offers a structure and the Vocabulary of xCBL either
takes into account all (for some) and for others (like me) its a pale and
very limited subset combared with the scope of EDIFACT

What a breath of fresh air that would be, for SMEs.
***SMEs need a breath of fresh air when it comes to semantic vocabularys
like a hole in the head.  They are not interested in XML, ebXML or anything
technological unless it works, is cheap and comes in a packages which hides
the technology from them

Sorry if xCBL isn't perfect.  We don't need perfection--we need common
vocabulary *fast*,
***Never a true word was said.  Take a look at EDIFACT, remove the
structures and look forward into the underlying models, the code lists, the
element dictionaries etc etc  THen you have a tried and tested solution.  If
you look at the syntax of EDIFACT, of course, you will be right

Technical Strategy Director, Technical Strategy Team
Business Development Unit

Stuart Campbell
TIE Holding NV
UK          T:+44 1270 254019   F:+44 7971 121013
Netherlands  T:+31 20 658 9335   F:+31 20 658 9901
Global       M:+44 7970 429251   E:stuart.campbell@TIEGlobal.com
		 W:www.TIEglobal.com P:www.stuartcampbell.co.uk

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