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Subject: RE: Review of core components

Message text written by Chris Nelson
I attach below the comments made by a team of 4 people that reviewed the
core component and business process list, in the context of trying to map
these to a UML model of a specific statistical declaration.  Thus review
was carried by Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Communities),
assisted by consultants.

I assisted in the role of having been involved in the ebXML process and
therefore could understand a lot of the background.

We hope this will be useful for the meeting in London this week.

Chris Nelson
Dimension EDI<



My initial sense in reading these comments is that this is a classic case
one group of people talking Chinese holding a conversation with people
who speak Greek.

Clearly the readers were UML experts who have not understood the ebXML 
approach which is specifically NOT supposed to be UML-centric - but instead
based in a neutral way that it is modelling methodology agnostic.  Afterall
years from now we may well be reminising about how UML was replaced by 
role based modelling - or whatever.

The UID examples are supposed to be instructive of possible ways of using
with XML representations - not actual standards to be copied chapter and
(the EDIFACT approach).  Also in this vain - the code thoughts are clearly
centric - instead of seeing the UID in the context of a 'barcoding' system
that simply
denotes the instance of the core component - not a code in a lookup list -
country codes et al!

I would suggest this is mostly a problem of presentation, documentation and
and not one of the approach and implementation details.

Thanks, DW.

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