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Subject: Re: Fantasies

"Gregory, Arofan" wrote:
> William:
> ....
> I must respectfully disagree.

> My point is not to agrue the feasability of such things (and I believe they
> are feasible, from demos and prototypes I have seen, built by people working
> from the ebXML specs), but to get back to my original point.


I am one of the people that Arofan is referring to when he says this.  I
have been able to succesfully demonstrate automated semantic mapping
based on GUID reference.  There should be no question about the
feasability of this anymore.

Sure - there are problems with missing information between documents of
some existing vocabularies, however there are mechanisms to overcome
those as well.  ebXML will work.  There are some issues to resolve with
gaps and overlap between certain specs.  

My Company, XMLG launched its' GoXML foundation suite today which
includes tools to transform between XML and EDI, a Native XML Database
and our XML Search Engine which together, can be used to build a fully
functional XML Registry/Repository system.  The next version will
feature some automation based on UID inputs and Registry look ups.  An
Alpha was able to do this last year.  

Let's move forward.

Duane Nickull
CTO, XML GLobal Technologies

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