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Subject: Re: XML Instance examples


This is one of the items that we are working on for the ebXML Proof of
Concept in Vienna. We are looking at the ebXML CC documents and will have
the rules and all documented for the Proof of Concept and a few "sample"

Regards, Sig

                    opyint.com            To:     ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org                                    
                    04/05/2001            Subject:     XML Instance examples                                    
                    02:24 PM                                                                                    


I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question but I thought I
try here first. Is there an example XML Instance document that shows an
implementation of Core Components and in particular how Date, Time, Party,
are to be used? Further, have example DTDs and/or XSDs been built? If so,
can I get a copy. I think this will aid in understanding how these
are intended to be used.

If I should post this type of question elsewhere please let me know.



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