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Subject: RE: Representation Types Alternatives

Sorry William, but I'm trying to understand if ebXML is based on freely
available specifications and this is a global process where CEFACT today
promotes public domain - then why do we all have to keep accepting a
practice of charging for codes ? That again seems to be yet an extra hurdle
for the SME to jump over ?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: William J. Kammerer [mailto:wkammerer@foresightcorp.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 1:43 PM
> To: ebXML-core
> Subject: Re: Representation Types Alternatives
> Todd Boyle thinks it's too much of burden on SMEs to buy 
> these expensive
> ISO standards, and that it will be a hindrance to ebXML's 
> adoption - if
> I can take the liberty of paraphrasing him.
> Dear Todd:
> ebXML will be a flop anyway if SMEs have to bother with any of these
> standards, let alone buy them.
> SMEs will buy shrink-wrapped software.  It's the software 
> developer who
> has to worry about the standards, if at all.  And frankly, I 
> don't think
> even the software developers will have to worry about things like ISO
> 11179 - they're not the ones devising the representational types Mike
> Rawlins is worrying so much about.  The ebXML specifications might be
> *based* on "expensive" ISO standards, but the ebXML specs themselves
> will be freely available, as per the ebXML Charter and Requirements.
> If ebXML is successful, software developers will develop ebXML
> compliant software based on the freely available (i.e., free) ebXML
> specifications.  Some standardized code lists, like diagnosis 
> codes used
> in Health Care, will require licensing if incorporated into a product;
> that's just the cost of doing business, and has nothing to do with
> ebXML's reliance on standards in its development.
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