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Subject: REA (was Tags and semantics ( was Dotted Names) )

Philip Goatly says:
> Such business concepts such as exist appear to be at the 'event level' e.g
> REA which seems to me to be reinventing
> double entry book keeping in another guise, ha ha !!

I struggle to understand why there is discomfort with REA, a design pattern
I thought is fully embraced by ebXML. In fact, your reference to
double-entry bookkeeping confuses me. Here are two descriptions of the
relationship between REA and accounting:
(1) http://www.jeffsutherland.org/oopsla98/nakamura.html.
(2) http://www.jeffsutherland.org/oopsla97/haugen.html.

Anyway, it would be reassuring to understand how ebXML plans to implement
the REA model -- I've had a hard time finding it in the CC spreadsheet or
other documents to-date -- maybe someone could give me a pointer to that?
REA is embedded within the DCN's list of 15 resource-types. I have the
suspicion that the same cannot be said for the 600+ DTDs in xCBL, although I
haven't looked into it. Should I?

John McClure
Hypergrove Engineering
211 Taylor Street, Suite 32-A
Port Townsend, WA 98368
360-379-3838 (land)

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