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Subject: RE: REA (was Tags and semantics ( was Dotted Names) )

Philip Goatly asks:
>     Is REA part of UMM - if so I think it must have crept in since the last
>meeting of the TMWG ;-).

It walked in the front door in Tokyo, as part of the BRV Metamodel.
It isn't labeled "REA", but "Economic Elements".  In N090R9.1,
look at figures 9.6 and 9.7 and their accompanying descriptions.

Actually, the UMM Economic Elements represent only some of
REA - the part that is involved in electronic commerce between
companies.  REA also covers "internal" processes like manufacturing;
that aspect is not included in UMM, nor are some of the REA Type
elements.  But there is enough to model the kinds of activity chains
you described in a previous message.

-Bob Haugen

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