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Subject: RE: Oooh - Ouch! Is it necessarily the Truth if it Hurts?

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
From the May 10, 2001 DAMSAD Project Group Status Report of the CEN/ISSS
EC Workshop; see http://www.cenorm.be/isss/Workshop/ec/, select
"Documentation," go to the EC Workshop Document Lists for 2001, and look
at Document 41:


Perhaps Stuart Campbell would like to shed some more light on this?

The participation list looks a little thin:
Project Coordinator     Finnish Information Technology Development Centre
Partners/Funders        RivCom
Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast atuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek
University Hospital of Giessen Institute of Medical Informatics 
The Clinical Information Consultancy (CIC) 
Communications Planning (CPL)
IC Focus
Monsell EDM
The SGML Centre
UK National Health Service
UK Royal College of General Practitioners

XML/EDI Workshop voluntary review team:
Stuart Campbell (CMASS)
Alain Dechamps (CEN/ISSS)
Martin Bryan (The SGML Centre - XML/EDI Pilot Project)
Gait Boxman (TIE - Experts project)

I'm certainly not any kind of fan of W3C Schema datatypes, and in
fact the latest RELAX NG work has moved explicitly away from directly
supporting these because of many inherent issues.

So lets not get too hung up over religious wars here.

My company is certainly pressing forward implementing core components
in the context of the registry based off the current spec's and technical
papers using real and effective XML representations.

Just because certain sectors have not yet understood the utility of 
what is available - does not mean the overall model and details
are necessarily broken.

Is there more work to be done?  Sure!  That was implicit from the 
Wien proclamations.  And EWG and X12 and OASIS will be able
in due course to review implementation approaches and 
determine what actual works.

I think it was your good self that asked "when will the lip-flapping 
stop, and real implementation be available?".

An emphatic "real soon" is my answer to that.  Those interested
will definately be in St Loius for the X12 and EWG meeting upcoming.


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