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Subject: re: Beautified documents

Message text written by INTERNET:tboyle@rosehill.net
Don't beautify documents with excessive margins and page breaks. 
Beautify the planet instead, by reducing paper and (ugh) toner usage.


I fondly remember when IBM first introduced the 
"This page intentional left blank" into all their documents.

What we are really talking about is a personal paradigm 

I now review 99% of work on screen.  In fact working with
printed media is now something I find "foreign".

Most people have not made this transition - but the
younger generation just graduating I'm sure are 
mostly of this mould.  So eventually we will get there by
attrition (grand planning?!)

In the meantime - 12 years ago I wrote a two-up printing
program - and these are freely available.  
Microsoft Word as has this simple "Pages per Sheet" 
option in the Print Dialogue. It is the single best way to go.  

However, older members may be excused on the 
grounds of failing eye-sight!

Canadians may be excused as this negatively impacts
the world use of print lumber.


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