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Subject: Todd defends his dignity

This is just to clear the record surrounding some recent posts here. There
is no useful technical content in this post.



William J. Kammerer said:

> Todd Boyle says "if Ray Walker is right, then every day we goof off here
> in Core Components is costing the world $10 billion!"
> Again, as usual, Todd is engaged in specious logic.  The memo at
> http://www.unece.org/press/pr2001/01trade04e.htm says "The international
> trade transaction costs in the world amount to $ 3 trillion and they can
> be substantially reduced - by up to 60%..."   Todd, a whiz at numbers,
> should consider - as a sanity check - that the Gross National Product of
> the entire U.S. is less than $10 trillion before going off on tangents.

I do not "usually" "engage in specious logic".  It was Ray Walker who
decided to publish the release with the headline "More than 2 trillion
dollars can be saved thanks to new UN trade instruments", not me.  My
estimate was $150 Billion annually in the US and the basis for the estimate
was provided in my post.  Please address your sanity check elsewhere.


Betty Harvey said,

> David and Todd:
> The @ and the $ are not valid name characters in XML so they cannot
> be used in either element or attribute names.
> Why not use the ISO 8601 and W3C Date format of CCYY-MM-DD ...

I am not associated with David, or with the suggestion to invent new
notation around "@ and the $".  I am doing the very best I can to
understand and implement correct, standard syntax and notation. These
new notation should not be part of my thread which documented a number
of non-standard notations inside QBXML, SMBXML or Intacct XML.


David Lyon said,

> Todd,
> Just two weeks ago you were calling for ebXML executives to resign.
> Now you seem to be working on defining messages.
> Does your call for resignations still stand...

The above message came in response to my question about the
use of qualifiers in dateTime and amount CCTs.  OAGIS and
Edifact use qualifiers on dateTime and Amount.  When I post
purely technical questions, I'd appreciate on-topic responses.

I have never called for "ebXML executives" to "resign" and the
word "resign" does not occur in any message I've sent either publicly
or in private messages.  But if anybody wants to talk about this
stupid topic further please attach the copy of whatever I said, and
send it OFF LIST.

I categorically repeat: I do not call for any "ebXML executives" to


I would like to seriously recommend the "alt.flame" newsgroup for any
further go-rounds on these stupid topics, it's great fun and it's
absolutely hilarious at times.  I'm totally serious, in this suggestion!

Thank you

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